Hi, I'm Kai Zhang.

I'm a second-year PhD student fortunately advised by Prof. Yu Su at The Ohio State University.

I'm broadly interested in NLP, Multimodality (esp. Vision-Language), and their real-world applications.

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What's New

May 2024

MagicLens (Oral) and TravelPlanner (Spotlight) were accepted to ICML'24.

Mar 2024

Excited to present MagicLens done at Google DeepMind: next-generation image retrieval models with SOTA results on 10 benchmarks across multimodality-to-image, image-to-image, and text-to-image.

Feb 2024

MMMU was accepted to CVPR'24 as Best Paper Candidate (0.2%) and I will be in MSR this summer. See you in Seattle :)

Feb 2024

Released TravelPlanner, a real-world benchmark for planning with language agents.

Jan 2024

Three papers got accpeted to ICLR'24: KnowledgeConflict (Spotlight), MUFFIN, and ImagenHub.

Oct 2023

Attribution Evaluation was accepted to Findings of EMNLP'23.

Sept 2023

MagicBrush was accepted to NeurIPS'23 Datasets and Benchmarks Track.

Aug 2023

Excited to start my internship at Google DeepMind (Previously Google Brain)!

Selected Publications

See full list in Publications.

  • MagicLens: Self-Supervised Image Retrieval with Open-Ended Instructions

    Kai Zhang, Yi Luan, Hexiang Hu, Kenton Lee, Siyuan Qiao, Wenhu Chen, Yu Su, Ming-Wei Chang

  • MMMU: A Massive Multi-discipline Multimodal Understanding and Reasoning Benchmark for Expert AGI

    Xiang Yue*, Yuansheng Ni*, Kai Zhang*, Tianyu Zheng*, Ruoqi Liu, Ge Zhang, Samuel Stevens, Dongfu Jiang, Weiming Ren, Yuxuan Sun, Cong Wei, Botao Yu, Ruibin Yuan, Renliang Sun, Ming Yin, Boyuan Zheng, Zhenzhu Yang, Yibo Liu, Wenhao Huang, Huan Sun, Yu Su, Wenhu Chen

  • Adaptive Chameleon or Stubborn Sloth: Revealing the Behavior of Large Language Models in Knowledge Conflicts

    Jian Xie*, Kai Zhang*, Jiangjie Chen, Renze Lou, Yu Su

  • MagicBrush: A Manually Annotated Dataset for Instruction-Guided Image Editing

    Kai Zhang*, Lingbo Mo*, Wenhu Chen, Huan Sun, Yu Su

Email: [LAST_NAME].13253@osu.edu OR drogo[LAST_NAME]@gmail.com

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my research or want to discuss relevant research topic :)