About me

I am a second-year PhD student fortunately advised by Prof. Yu Su at The Ohio State University. Meanwhile, I am a part-time Student Researcher at Google DeepMind. Here is my CV (updated in Feb 2024).

I am interested in NLP, Multimodality, and their real-world applications.

My smart and pretty wife, Gloria Su, is looking for new graduate or entry-level software engineer opportunities. With 2 YoE, she excels in React, React Native, Vue, and JavaScript/Typescript. Don't miss her!


Selected Publications

See full list in Publications (* indicates equal contribution, # indicates work (co-)supervised by me.)

# Jian Xie*, Kai Zhang*, Jiangjie Chen, Tinghui Zhu, Renze Lou, Yuandong Tian, Yanghua Xiao, Yu Su. TravelPlanner: A Benchmark for Real-World Planning with Language Agents. In Arxiv [Paper] [Project Page] [Code]

# Jian Xie*, Kai Zhang*, Jiangjie Chen, Renze Lou, and Yu Su. Adaptive Chameleon or Stubborn Sloth: Revealing the Behavior of Large Language Models in Knowledge Conflicts. In ICLR’24 (Spotlight) [Paper] [Code]

Kai Zhang*, Lingbo Mo*, Wenhu Chen, Huan Sun, and Yu Su. MagicBrush: A Manually Annotated Dataset for Instruction-Guided Image Editing. In NeurIPS’23 Datasets and Benchmarks [Paper] [Project Page] [Code] [Data]

Kai Zhang, Bernal Jiménez Gutiérrez, and Yu Su. Aligning Instruction Tasks Unlocks Large Language Models as Zero-Shot Relation Extractors. In Findings of ACL’23 [Paper] [Code] [Slides]

Academic Services

PC Member/Reviewer:

ARR (since 22); CCKS’22-23; EMNLP’22-23; ACL’23; NAACL’24

WWW’23; KDD’23; SDM’24

AAAI’23-24; NeurIPS’23; ICLR’24; ICML’24; COLM’24


Invited Talk

TravelPlanner: A Benchmark for Real-World Planning with Language Agents [Slides]

Task Alignment in Instruction-tuned LLMs for Relation Extraction (LLM-QA4RE) [Slides]


Email: [LAST_NAME].13253@osu.edu OR drogo[LAST_NAME]@gmail.com

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my research or want to discuss relevant research topic :)